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HME Fiberglass Direct Roving for Weaving --- HME FIBERGLASS DIRECT ROVING FOR WEAVING

1. Product Description: The direct roving for Weaving is produced from continuous HME fiberglass strands with a sizing system of silane coupling agent, which are designed to apply in polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy resin systems, etc. The excellent property of low fuzz could lead to the good appearance of the finished fabrics. Uniform distribution of the binding size could guarantee consistent and quick wet out with resin. And the high stiffness is guaranteed by high modulus of special HME. Excellent corrosion resistant property would be ensured by the special HME formula of Boron Fluorine free.

2. Features and Product Benefits:
1 Multi-Resin compatible application on standard weaving looms as well as multi-axial knitting machines
2 Excellent visual performance
3 Excellent and quick wet-through and wet-out fast wet-out and increased visuality. Wax free during sizing process
4 Superior corrosion resistant with HME compared to standard E-glass. Boron fluorine free.
5 Excellent modulus with HME the modulus of HME is 25 higher than standard E-glass.
6 Excellent mechanical and dielectrical properties
7 Professional technical resources is supported by Jiuding which includes excellent technicians and manufacturing facilities in accordance with ISO9001 2008

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