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HME Fiberglass Direct Roving for Pultrusion --- HME FIBERGLASS DIRECT ROVING FOR PULTRUSION

1. Product Description: The direct roving for pultrusion is produced from continuous HME fiberglass strands with a sizing system of silane coupling agent, which are designed to apply in polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy phenolic resin systems, etc. High qualified mechanical properties and excellent wet-out are ensured by the uniform distribution of sizing system. High stiffness is guaranteed by high modulus of special HME fiberglass.

2. Features and Product Benefits:
1 Catenary-free and excellent processing Catenary-free means that it can run out smoothly through the package even though a variety of conditions and speeds.
2 Excellent wet-through and wet-out fast wet-out and increased in the parts visuality
3 Superior corrosion resistant with HME compared to standard E-glass. Boron fluorine free.
4 Excellent modulus with HME the modulus of HME is 25 higher than standard E-glass.
5 Excellent mechanical and dielectrical properties
6 Professional technical resources is supported by Jiuding which includes excellent technicians and manufacturing facilities in accordance with ISO9001 2008

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