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FRP pultruded flooring panel --- FRP PULTRUDED FLOORING PANEL

Jiuding pultruded flooring panel is a big size FRP panel which is by pultrusion technology and in holistic shape, the product is with cover on surface to prevent the gas volatilization, the standard product has anti-slippery sand on the surface.

FRP pultruded flooring panel has not only most characteristics of FRP grating with cover but also other distinctive properties, the panel in holistic shape is free of the connection between the panel and grating, furthermore, it has more capability of anti-impact and is safer as it wonĄŻt beak and loose after long time using.

a. anti-corrosion, non-rusty
b. lightweight and high strength
c. anti-flammable
d. anti-fatigue
e. anti-slippery and safety
f. anti-ageing
g. easy to installation and maintenance
h. excellent electromagnetism property

Fields served:
Construction structure, sewage treatment, vehicle transportation, petrochemical, water supply and drainage, governmental project.

Deck of cooling tower, plate of scaffold, floor of chip manufacturing, deck of bridge, rooftop, slope of architectural overhaul, structural floor, floor of light railcar, baffle of equipment, roof of cover, trench cover, footpath, weather plank.

FRP Profiles marketing department
Contact person:Mr. Zhu Xiaoxiang

Specification :
Product code:JDI60040, Product width:600mm, Product height:40mm
Face plate thickness:5mm, Ventral plate thickness:4mm
Product weight:12kg/m

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